All of the best travel blogs to follow

This directory represents the best travel blogs we recommend you consider following.  There are a lot of travel sites out there these days but we feel these are the cream of the crop.

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Aaron’s Adventures (Incredible destinations are featured on this great travel site)
Active Planet Travels (Adventures from around the world) (A travel blog focussed on travel in New England)
Adventure Vacations Blog (A travel blog geared towards those with adventurous spirits while on vacation)
Advice For Travelers in Europe (The best top notch advice for travellers in Europe)
Almost Fearless (Christine and her family travel around the world as digital nomads)
America For Travelers
  (Providing top notch travel information for those in the US)      
America Travel Destination Guide (For those traveling in America this is the blog for you)
A Place To Search  (If you’e searching for quirky travel guides come check on this blog)    
Around Cambodia  (Discover a true gem in SE Asia – Cambodia)

Backpacker Crush (Sexy scantly clad boyz and gals.  This is your site)
Backpacking Around The World (This site will show you how to backpack rtw today)
Travel Site For Backpackers (Your one stop shop for the best backpacking information)            
Banana Roti (An rtw food blogger who inspires you to eat exotic foods)
Best Shopping Destinations (A comprehensive shopping guide for travelers on the go)
Brendan’s Adventures (Brendan’s a talented travel writer and photographer from Canada)
Britain Resource Guide For Travel (A fantastic site for Britain related travel itineraries)
Budget Travel Blog (If you’re on a budget this is the site for the best tips on how to save)
Budget Travel Intentions (Travel on a budget is the way to go.  Find out more info here)

Canucking Abroad (Once a Canuck, always a Canuck.  Advice for Canadians home & abroad)
Cheap Travel Promo (Cheapest travel promo information out there on the interwebs)
Couple Travel  (Travel information, tips, advice for love birds on the road)      
Culture Travel (Travel devoid of culture is not really travel at all)     
Cultural Travel blog (The site that puts a priority on culture over superficial travel pursuits)
Crazy About Travel  (We’re all crazy about travel but this site just goes the extra mile)     
Creative Escape (Escape from the rate race today and live the creative life you’ve wanted)
Culture Shapers  (Shape the world.  Shape the globe.  Shape your town.  Culture shapers)

Digi Drift (A travel blog featuring some of the most stunning HD travel photography around)
Don’t Fly Go (Thinking of flying somewhere?  Think again.  Overland travel is the ‘it’ thing)

Easy Travel (If you think travel is difficult, it isn’t.  Take the easy route now)
Escape Artistes (A Mother and son travel together sharing the ups and downs)
Escaping Abroad Travel Blog (An rtw travel blog with an emphasis on adventure travel)
eTramping (Travelling around the globe like tramps living the frugal budget lifestyle)
Eurail Travels (What could be better than travelling Europe by rail.  Not much apparently)
Europe Travel Information (If you’re travelling in Europe you’ll want to check this site out)

Family Travel Blog (When you’re bringing the whole gang along check out this travel blog)
Finding The Universe (Laurence will show you the universe with his wonderful travel pics)
Flip Nomad (Perpetual nomad with a knack for adventure travel in Asia)
Fluent in 3 Months (Discover language learning skills and travel tidbits from this great blog)

Global Adventure Travel  (The best in travel for those wanting to go global)
Global Grasshopper (A wonderful travel blog for great travel tips & inspiration)
Going Abroad (Going abroad can change your life.  Check out this site to find out how)
Groove Traveler (Put on your mp3 and groove around the world with this travel blog)
Guide to Make Money for Digital Nomads (A site dedicated for digital nomads rtw)

Hole In The Donut (A wonderful travel blog exploring rtw adventures and cultures)
Holidays in Egypt (When you’re travelling in Egypt you need specific advice)
Honeymoon Holidays (Your guide to the best honeymoon holidays one can have)
Hot Spot Journal (Profiling the hottest spots worth travelling to around the world)

Inspirational Travel (Travel can inspire.  This site will show you exactly how/why)
Insured For Travel (Don’t leave home without travel insurance.  That’s just stupid)
It’s Lovely Annie Travel Blog (A travel blog focussed on all things Annie.  She’s swell)

Jasmine Wanders (Jasmines loves to wander and has been doing it for many years)

Katie Going Global (Katie is going global with plans to discover the world overseas)

Little Yayas  (Don’t leave home without checking out the Little Yayas travel blog)        
Low Cost RTW (Travel can be expensive.  Low Cost RTW shows you how it’s cheap)
Luxury Travel Blog (Travel and luxury go hand in hand.  Find out how here)

Minimal Travel (The minimalist traveller isn’t concerned with the mundane)
My Friend From Zurich (Manu & Nina are based in Zurich offering unique travel tips)
My Spanish Adventure (Adventures in Spain await those who decide to visit)

News Traveller (If you haven’t heard the news this travel blog is one of the best out there)
New Travel Co (Travel and news go together.  Find out how by checking out this blog)
Nomadic Notes (Nomad on the road with a flare for adventure.  James Clark is his name)
Nomadic Photos (Incredible photos from out on the road.  Check them out time & again)
Nylon Flights (Incredible flight information for those looking to travel seriously)

Off The Beaten Path Travel (Don’t get off the beaten path without first checking out this site)
Only A Flight Away (Dreams can come true when you hop on a plane to explore the world)
On My Walkabout (A travel blog that encourages you to Live vicariously through yourself)
Ordinary Traveler (There is nothing ordinary about this wonderful travel blog)

Philippine Travel Forum (No stone upturned when comes to top notch info on the Philippines)
Plane News (News for the traveller who thrives by travelling via plane)

RTW Travel (RTW adventures around every corner.  This site is for you)

Sandal Road (A travel site by Christina Hegele which inspires others)
Sharing Travel Experiences (Sharing the best travel experience out there on the road)
Singapore Guide Online (Your guide to the top city in SE Asia – Singapore)
Singles Travel (When you’re on your own the world opens up to you for exploration)
Smiling Faces From Around The World (Awesome smiles and grins from rtw)
Special Holidays Blog (Special holidays travel blog for those seeking unique trips)
Start to Run (Don’t start to run without first walking.  This is paramount)

Teach and Travel Overseas Information (For those seeking adventures abroad)
The Last Stop (Stop.  Travel.  Stop.  Travel.  Just don’t make it your last stop)
The Loaded Handbag (Without a handbag you’re lost on your travels.  It’s true)
The Lost Backpack (A backpacking site where losing your bag opens up freedom)
The Plane Hoppers (Travel inspiration and tips)
The Prague Wanderer (Don’t worry about Prague.  This site has you covered and more)
The Travel Tart (By far one of the most quirky and humorous travel sites out there)
This is The World We Live in (We live in a world where travel is the primary focus)
Top Travel Blogs and Travel Sites (These are the best travel blogs and travel sites)
Top Travel Blogger (Come check out this top travel blogger who is always on the road)
Top Travel Information For Britain (Your best guide to all things travel in Britain)
Tourism Picks (Experts share the best tourism picks and rare spots worth travelling)
Travel Bay (The bay is where you head to travel.  Check out this site and you’ll love it)
Travel for Women (Women are the primary focus on this travel site.  Indeed, indeed)
Travel Guide To The World (Your most comprehensive world travel guide to date)
Traveling Canucks (A couple of Canadians who just love to travel around the world for fun)
TraveLinkSites (For the best travel links you’ve found the primary site for your needs)
Travel Magazine  (A magazine that goes beyond just the typical ‘travel story’ out there)
Travelocafe (A wonderful travel blog featuring great stories and incredible travel pics)
Travel Sex Life (Enjoy sex on the road with these naughty little tales from a talented crew)
Travel Times Mag (A mag that keeps up with the travel times better than any other site)
Travel Movies (Great travel videos and movies from two around the world backpackers)

Under The Same Sun (Everything under the sun one could possibly love)

Vacation Lifestyle (Lifestyles that are just like extended vacations)
Vegas Travel Source (Life your dream in Vegas.  Travel.  Love.  Life)
Villa Dream Vacations (Vacations for the best villas in the world)
Volunteer and Travel (Travel.  Volunteer.  Contribute.  Leave your mark)
Volunteer Leaders (Leaders are often those who lend a helping hand)

Ways To Take Better Travel Photos (These are the best tips to improve your travel pics)
Will Peach (This guy is bonkers.  He’ll travel the world and show you everything)
World For Travelers (World.  Travellers.  Enough said on this one)
World Leading Vacations (Vacations for the top travellers out there)